person kneeling in field with clipboard

Jane Mangold

Associate Professor, Invasive Plant Specialist
Shantell Frame-Martin

Shantell Frame-Martin

Montana Noxious Weed Education Campaign Coordinator
person kneeling in field with clipboard with lake in background

Stacy Davis

Research Associate
person kneeling in field with clipboard while someone else measuring the height of a plant

Audrey Harvey

Graduate Student, MS
Peter Bugoni

Peter Bugoni

Graduate Student, PhD
MIchelle spreading seeds in a field

Michelle Majeski

Graduate Student, MS


Past lab members:

Uriel Menalled

Former undergraduate technician

Recipient of an Undergraduate Scholars Program award

Dr. Krista Ehlert

Former PhD Student

Current: Thomas McKenna Meredith ’48 Postdoctoral Fellow, Trinity College

Krista Ehlert personal website (opens new window)

Christina Herron-Sweet

Former MS Graduate Student

Current: Research Scientist, University of Minnesota

Noelle Orloff

Former MS Graduate Student
Current: Associate Extension Specialist, Schutter Diagnostic Lab

Hally Strevey

Former MS Graduate Student