level 3 2017 participants in the field at Red Bluff

The Mangold lab offers "Noxious Weed Management Certification Workshops", which are typically 3-day studies of weed biology, ecology, and management. It is designed to benefit both those new to weed management and experienced professionals. This series of workshops (Level 1 through Level 3) provides training opportunities for local, state, federal government, and other land managers in Montana interested in current advances in noxious weed management. Course complexity increases with subsequent levels. Pesticide applicator recertification credits are available for each workshop.

Planning ahead? Level 2 scheduled for September 10-12, 2019 in Bozeman MT. Stay tuned for more details!

Noxious weed management certification workshops
 Workshops Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Overview The first course in the series emphasizes basics of plant biology, range ecology, plant identification, and other weed ecology topics. Participants learn the basics of management techniques, such as targeted grazing, biological control, and revegetation. Herbicide as a management technique is covered in depth, including herbicide mode of action, herbicide resistance, and herbicide formulations.

This upper level 3-day course focuses on more in-depth weed ecology, management, and identification. Additional topics include management recommendations for selected species and revegetation guidelines. Participants spend a half day in the field learning about on-site research and monitoring.

Final installment of the series of courses. The first day focuses on site assessment and monitoring techniques with a full day site visit. On the second day, participants learn about organizing, analyzing, and applying monitoring data. Participants are assigned a take-home project that includes collecting and analyzing original data from a project developed in their area.

Example agendas Level 1 Fall 2018 Agenda Level 2 Fall 2016 Agenda Level 3 Fall 2017 Agenda
Past courses Offered spring and fall 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2018. Offered spring 2013, fall 2014, and fall 2016. Offered spring 2015 and fall 2017.


"I am so impressed with the MSU staff that presented most of the class. I learned so much that I immediately use in my job."

Level 1 participant

"Best workshop that I have attended in the last 25 years."

Level 1 participant

"Love the workshop. This is the type of training that veteran weed managers need."

Level 2 participant

"I get so discouraged working in weed management as so many times the process seems like a ton of resources devoted to a never-ending, never-improving process- This course gave me hope, ideas, and inspiration."

Level 2 participant

"This class was excellent. I'm pumped to get back to work and start implementing some of the things I've learned."

Level 2 participant