Plant ID and Management

Phragmites: 2017 (PDF)

Grass Identification: 2017 (PDF)

Identification of Select Montana Noxious Weeds: 2017 (PDF)

Medusahead: 2014 (PDF)

Cheatgrass Management: 2011 (PDF)

Cheatgrass Biology, Ecology and Management: 2011 (PDF)

Western Salsify in Range Pasture and CRP: 2010 (PDF)


General Concepts

Invasive Plants and Climate Change: 2017 (PDF)

Managing Weeds After Wildfire: 2017 (PDF)

Managing Weeds During Restoration: When to Worry and When to Wait: 2015 (PDF)

Managing for Healthy Plant Communities in the Face of Drought: 2013 (PDF)

Minimizing Collateral Damage: How to Protect the Plants You Love: 2013 (PDF)

Ecological Concepts of Integrated Weed Management: 2011 (PDF)

Ecologically Based Invasive Plant Management: 2011 (PDF)

Revegetation of Weed-Infested Plant Communities: 2011 (PDF)