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December 2019

Managing Weeds After Wildfire

This crossword is also located on page 2 of the printable PDF (420KB)

December Crossword puzzle, questions listed below


  • 3: This is helpful for determining burn severity; 2 words, 9 letters total.
  • 7: Term used for how badly a wildfire burned*; 8 letters.
  • 8: Perennial plants will resprout if this part is not severely damaged; 4 letters.
  • 9:  Weed control method especially useful in large (5-10 acre) infestations; 10 letters.
  • 10: Invasive grass that may increase with fire fighting activities; 10 letters.


  • 1: Vector for weed introduction following wildfire; 2 words, 10 letters total.
  • 2: Term used for how often wildfire burns in an area*; 9 letters.
  • 4: First step in post-fire monitoring plan*; 9 letters.
  • 5: Soil that repels water; 11 letters.
  • 6: No need to worry! This colonizing species is just doing its job; 8 letters.

*see Extension publication Managing Weeds After Wildfire (27MB PDF)

December Answers

Completed crossword, answers also listed in text


  • 3: Soil color
  • 7: Severity
  • 8: Root
  • 9: Biological
  • 10: Cheatgrass


  • 1: Donated hay
  • 2: Frequency
  • 4: Inventory
  • 5: Hydrophobic
  • 6: Fireweed

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